-Who We Are-

We are a congregation of the Trinity Presbyterian Church Letterkenny which is part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland whose beliefs are:

God has revealed Himself to us as our loving Heavenly Father. He has sent His Son to be our Saviour and He has granted us His Holy Spirit to make us more like Jesus individually and corporately, and to lead us in His mission to the world. We seek to live out our faith through commitment:

Our Congregation

Approx. 200 people of all ages gather on a Sunday Morning to worship, this continues a tradition which began in the mid 1640's. In that almost 400 years the church has ebbed and flowed; the current congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church Letterkenny was formed in the early 1920's as a result of an amalgamation of existing Presbyterian churches in Letterkenny. With the arrival of "New Irish" people in Letterkenny during the Celtic boom of the early 2000's, the church has taken on a very international feel, with a rich diversity to congregational life, with believers from many parts of the world and different backgrounds joining us in worship.